Tralulu Philippines Cebu Chronicles: Life Lessons in Sumilon

Sumilon Island, Bancogon, Oslob — The sun had shown its glorious rays when we arrived at Boljoon. Passing by the once iconic Ili Rock, I had felt a little ambivalent. This rock was an icon for ages in the area and a sudden move by the LGU to cut it in half was somehow a not so good move. In spite of it, I still consider this a much-needed break away. The journey was also quite therapeutic for me.

I am writing this as a result of my life’s realizations as I hit the road with my guests turned friends and embarked on the journey to an island that is considered as a Hidden Jewel of the South.

Sumilon Island had always captivated me ever since I stepped foot in the island more than 18 years ago. I was teen back then. I had been wanting to go back since Sumilon has been my go to island whenever I feel like a surge of blocks and obstacles cant be kept at bay.

Here some of the life lessons I learned when I visited the island once again. These realizations are just a reminder that I, am still human and still needed a breather. This reminded me as well that the island will always be my go to place if I need to make decisions and reflect about my entire life.



Life Lessons in Sumilon


  1. When it RAINS, consider it as a blessing, not a CURSE. — Always consider the Rains as a blessing. My guests Domi and Edward were very hesitant to join the Sumilon Day Tour experience considering they do no have any decent sleep. But convincing them to proceed even with impending rain was a big feat. When it rained from Minglanilla to Carcar, I made it an opportunity to get to know them more. I found more than guests with them, but a second family.
  2. Waves and sunshine empower you with Positive Energy. — When we arrived in Boljoon and the sun showed its wonderful rays, our gloomy disposition transitioned to a happy and positive one. We were laughing all the way and shared experiences on our lives. It was a productive day.
  3. Bask in the SUNSHINE for it may not come again. — Traveling to the island, we saw the waves were quite high and too choppy. Knowing that the Seacraft Dept of the Bluewater Sumilon will take care of us, I assured my companions that we are in good hands. It was nice to see my staff again, maintaining the “amuma” core competency of the operations. I am contented that I am able to contribute to their growth as a person and as a formidable workforce in the resort.
  4. Let the waves wash away your worry and stress. — Bask in the waves and feel its positive energy. That’s what I really did when I went back to the island. I am so blessed to have another chance to show another citizen how I take pride with it. Each splash is a comfort to my weary soul.
  5. Each day is an avenue to learn things. — I renewed my resolve to take care of the ocean and be an ambassador for Mother Nature. There is so much to be done and I learned how to stretch my patience and keep my temper cool amid so many hurdles. At the end of the day, I am still able to get things done and make people happy. 🙂




When was the last time you had been bugged by these things? Have you thought of being at the crossroads, too?



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