Sheriff’s Grill: A Pit Stop For The On-The-Go Foodie

Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start. —Anthony Bourdain

Cordova, Cebu, Philippines — The other island in Mactan has been some place I frequently visit when I was still volunteering for a humanitarian organization back in 2011. I had been charmed by Cordova’s very laid back lifestyle.

Cordova has been a home of the eels, locally known as “Bakasi”, and the seaside communities rely on these eels for their livelihood. The official festival of Cordova, Dinagat Festival, is celebrated every August.

Cordova has been the home of Sheriff’s Grill, a new grilling destination in 3336 P. Rodriguez St., Canjulao Lapu-Lapu City 6015. Sheriff’s Grill is a Wild West/ Cowboy themed casual dining restaurant that aims to provide its hungry cowboy and cowgirl diner and enjoyable dining experience. They serve delicious, great tasting and dishes that won’t your budget and equally heavy on the tummy.

Sheriff’s Grill has a wide selection menu that suits every taste and preference as well as the restaurant itself is ensured to be a clean, cozy, fun and family-oriented as well as maintaining its West West Saloon feels. It is a variety of dishes to choose from that will surely leave you satiated, bite after bite.

Sheriff’s Grill gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation while enjoying sumptuous dishes, and also while being able to explore the unique Wild West lifestyle. It is one place you should not miss out when in Cordova. The owners themselves are avid foodies, and they wanted to make their customers feel at home with their food place. I personally like the idea of following the contour of the tree inside the dining area. The up-cycled lanterns and G.I. Sheets in the interiors of the restaurant is comforting to see. The owners told us that since they have a different business involving construction, they got the discarded materials to be placed in their place instead of throwing them out.

The Menu

Dining in Sheriff’s Grill with the family is a good bonding activity. We were able to taste the following dishes:

The Salmon Head Sinigang was tasty enough to really make me take a bowl or two of soup. I am not a fan of Salmon but I tried it and well, it made me think twice. It was piping hot when served and the comfort of a warm bowl of a sour soup made my night.


The Calamares with Fries was a surprise. The squid rings were lightly battered and well seasoned. I’d say the Chef made his research and cleaned the rings well. It didn’t have that “fishy” aftertaste. I was not expecting it to be with fries so I was gleeful.


These cheesy dynamites are a blast! I didn’t realize that they will have that spicy kick since I was so engrossed in the crunchy bite and the melting cheese inside. But the moment you finish it, you will be in for a spicy kick! Better have your iced tea ready!



The Pork Belly was seasoned and spiced just right. I am hinting there is rosemary and thyme in there but the less oily consistency of the belly was perfect to pair for hot, steaming white rice.


I really do not mind the calories gained that night but I was blissful since I have it with my family. These are one of the rare moments where we eat outside and enjoy the night. Also, the restaurant has ample parking space too! Great to bring your own family ride and proceed to other places of interest.

Visit them soon and be captivated with the Wild, Wild, West!


See you soon!



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