a glimpse of me| a shadow of who i am

Viajera Cebuana was born and raised in this magnificent Queen City of the South, Cebu and is a very simple girl who loves the best of what life, love and friendship has to offer.

i am a lover of poems, of varying subjects and themes, and also a lover of music that captivates the senses [still in varying genre], an amateur chef that whips up just anything to brighten up someone’s day.

i am a person who has a high regard for solitude and in those moments, i do reflect on the course my life is going through…i’m also observant of the current trend and the way people interact and express themselves — what goes fine for another does not necessarily imply for another.

i am passionate about the great outdoors, the great islands beyond what is just visible to the naked eye. i yearn to explore on undiscovered territories so that i can be in one with Nature. i fell Β in love with Nature and i am doing my own efforts to minimize impact on each place that i tread, walk and journey.

this is me…i am Viajera Cebuana and i can be your friend if you let me be one… πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “a glimpse of me| a shadow of who i am

  1. salamat sa paglabay, fellow himantayon. πŸ™‚

    i may have gone on blog hiatus (haven’t had the time to update my blog), but i’m definitely not too busy to help out a person in need. i have neither clout nor wealth, but i’ll do what i can to help. just leave me a message, and i’ll “listen”.

    i’m sure magkita ra ta puhon…in himantayon or elsewhere.

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